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Is it just me....

.....or was this the longest Friday in the history of the earth?

Okay, let's recap.

Woke up around 10 to shower and get ready to go to lunch with Mama at 11:30.
Shopped at Target from about 1:15 and got home around 3.
Watched a little TV and was a hermit in my room. (I like my room. It's my space. Mine. Leave me alone, it's mine.)
At 5, Nikki and Candace called me to join them for dinner.
6-ish, we sit down at Ruby Tuesdays with Bridgette and Eddie.
After dinner, we go to Bridgette's house. Caitlin, Lewis and Lindsay come over.
Curfew, Nikki, Candace, and Caitlin go home.
Shortly after, Elliott arrives.
Around midnight, Elliott, Bridgette, Lewis and I go to Lindsay's, because she has a parent-enforced curfew.
We play pool, eat a little, laugh and start watching The Ref (great movie, by the way)
1:45 - I force myself to leave, though only half-way through the movie. *frowns*
For the past hour and a half, I've been reading Journals, downloading songs, looking up lyrics, etc. online.

And all of a sudden, I'm ready for bed, and prepared to sleep for a week. I've been soooooo busy today doing absolutely nothing of importance to anyone but me.

*sigh* But I miss My Seniors when they aren't here. A lot. I'm not going to let them to back to college in a couple weeks. They must stay. *sigh*

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