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I'm so cooooool....too bad I'm a loser....

Okay, so I'm a Chicagoan. We have a lot of city pride, because, well...our city kicks ass. Even if I don't live *in* Chicago, we are close enough to be considered cool.

As such, I'm proud to say that the Bears are doing exceptionally well this year. Go Bears! Da Bears!

Anywho...I go to, just to look around. I don't follow sports much, but I follow football the most out of any, so I'm probably a step above most.

This story has a purpose, I swear.

So I'm looking around at the Bears page, and I see this:

At first, I laugh. They are building a new stadium, so the old one will get torn down. *frowns* It's, like, historic or something. The saddest part is the only time I was there was for the NSYNC concerts this summer. *frowns*

Oh well, then I got to thinking....I want stadium seats. I mean, it's SOLDIER FIELD. That's damn cool.

I click the link and see that you a set of two connected seats for $200. Hmmm...I could totally picture those in my basement. And, I mean, what a freakin' collector's item!!!

$200, ehhh? Hmmmm.....?

I don't have $200, but I could get it. And I want those chairs.

Cici, how cool would that be???

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