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I'm bored. So now I'm going to ramble...soon, I may start spamming.

I did...um...nothing today. Yay Winter Break. But I'm kind of tired. And I've been up less than 12 hours. *sigh* Quite the tough life. :o)

Well, I did "clean" my room a bit. Not much. I made room for my new DVD rack from Santa (which is completely filled, and not including box sets). Oh well. I guess I have too many.

And I arranged my bobble head dolls. That's all I did all day was bobble heads and DVDs. *sighs* Quite the life indeed.

Tonight was okay. Family. I got enough of that last night, thankyouverymuch. But whatever. I'm so stuffed from pizza dinner and dessert. We are German, which means we like to eat. Especially sweets. And we always have to have dessert after meals. Thanksgiving and Christmas dessert buffets are the same size as the food ones. So, of course, you feel *huge* after every meal. Blah.

Don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow. I was considering a trip to Best Buy...just so I'm not at home all day. But I don't know what to get. I have a list of CDs...but I think I'll wait on those. And I don't think I want to deal with post-Christmas crowds anyway.

Okay. Yes. Going now...maybe to bed. Maybe to watch a movie. Maybe to download songs. *shrugs* The night is young....and so am I.

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