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My Father...the enabler...

My cousin Annette is in for the night from Florida (actually, Indy...where she is staying this week).

Annette: Yeah, last night the Asti was flowing.
Dad: Well, we still have a bottle of Arbor Mist here.
Annette: Gail would like that.
Dad (to me): You can open it, if you'd like.
Me: Nah, that's alright.
Dad: Go ahead.
Annette: I'll have a glass if you have a glass.
Dad: Be a good host and go pour some drinks.

So me, being the good, under-aged hostess, pours 3 glasses of Strawberry White Zinfandel for Myself, Annette, and my sister Fayanne, and a glass of Kendall-Jackson for my father. *sigh* We are a family of lushes.

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