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Spamalicious today....

I'm home from Nikki's party. It was fun. We watched a really bad teen movie. We knew it would be bad, but it had Shane West, and he's yummy.

Randomness Maximum:
Things I have on my interests list that no one else does:
-101.9 the mix
-acoustic versions of songs
-acquiring CDs
-blue sky roadster
-buying movies
-dave fogel
-interests list
-jumbo thumb tacks
-magenta from blue's clues
-mini tickle-me-cookie monster
-mp3/cd players
-potbelly sandwiches
-single (the band)
-sopraffina [<- it closed! *sniff*]
-stunts board

I make really good Ginger Snap cookies. *pats back*

My Casting of the NSYNC Christmas Carol. (I love A Christmas Carol, and this has actually been on my mind for a while, so I thought I'd share:
Ebenezer Scrooge - Lance
Belle - JC
Bob Cratchit - Justin
Ghost of Christmas Past - Chris
Ghost of Christmas Present - Joey

Ghost of Christmas Future - Someone wearing a black that doesn't really matter
Fezziwig - Johnny
Tiny Tim - Brianna (just because that's cute)
Jacob Marley - Lance's Mom

Yes, I am bored....

Basically nothing new happened in the past day (I'm been checking journals). That's good, I guess.

Shopping yesterday wasn't at bad as I thought. I got everything done in about 2 and a half hours. Unfortunately I'm $15 over-budget and haven't bought Mike and Zoe their presents (Fayanne and I are taking them to Build-A-Bear...we were there last night. It's fun.) Nor have I bought for my friends or my cousin Steph. Damn.

Okay, I need to shower, and get lunch, and then maybe go bug Ci and the kids. Maybe go visit her kitties. Miss Rose likes me. *smiles*

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