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Lots can happen in 3 hours, even if you are asleep for 2 of them

I was awoken this morning at 8, 8:30, 8:50, and 9 before finally getting out of bed and making my niece a piece of toast. When it was done, I came right back downstairs to sleep again. Took me a full hour to get back to sleep. Darn kid...I knew there was a reason I didn't want a job this summer.

During my hour of sleep, I had a reoccurring dream. I had it once before and it was pretty bizarre. My friends and I are sitting through a Graduation ceremony, then some of my senior friends actually go up on the little stage and receive a diploma, but Jenny and Elliott stay with the rest of us. It was a really cheap graduation with about 15 people and after, there was this presentation of quilts and all I could think was "This is the kind of mark the class of 2001 are leaving? Some shotty quilts?" When we finally get out of the little room thing, me and Zoe, who had both gotten separated from the group went in search of them. They were sitting in front of a video game. The game itself wasn't scary, but there was a preview before the game started (like in a movie theatre) and it totally freaked me out. I start flipping out and becoming a total spazz, and the game starts and shows a possessed police car. My friends make fun of how corny it looks and I mention something about how the radio doesn't work and that's all that I care about. Then my friend JC (not to be confused with Mr. Chasez) makes a joke about Theatre Fest (this annual, high school festival were you see shows and take classes to become better actors and technicians. It's so much fun). We all laugh and the dream ends. I wake up extremely groggy and unrested.

My clock reads 11:02 when I sleepily open my eyes. Because it's around 11, I made a half-assed attempt to win the NSYNC 'N the Sand contest. It didn't work, so I dragged myself out of bed and 3 feet to my computer where I now update my journal.

I made new icons last night (for Live Journal of course). I should be getting a paid account soon, because my totally awesome sister "cici" bought them for us. Then I get to choose 10 to use. Hmmm, I have 6 Chris, 2 group, 9 JC, 3 Joey, 3 Justin, 4 Lance and 2 JC/Lance. (The amounts I have do not have anything to do with's just coincidental that I have 9 of JC and he's my favorite.) I don't know which 10 I'll pick, but I definitely think I'm going to need some non-NSYNC ones. Maybe a Rob Thomas *sigh*, and a ??? I'll check some websites for hottie pictures today and make some more icons.

Haven't checked e-mail or any of my friends's journals. I'll go do that now...first though, I'm turning on my Christmas lights (I have 5 strands of normal lights and 2 of icicle lights around my room. They provide a softer light than a lamp, so they are really good when you are still in denial about being awake. I'm going to use my new Lance icon on this entry...he looks extremely hot here.

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