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The king of it all, The belle of the ball, I promise I've always been like this...

Oooo...conceededness song. Yes, I'm the youngest, and I'm selfish and spoiled. I can admit it. I try not to be, but I know when I am. (BTW - the quote was from the Guster song "Center of Attention".)

That had no relevance to anything.

Neither does this:
Ci, we are really crazy. Like totally and completely off our rockers. What the hell is up with that?

Mr. DHS is tonight. I think I might go, regardless of homework. Besides, in case you didn't notice, I'm home early! *whee* It'll be fun. *smirks* I was talking to Mr. Zima in Outdoor Adventure today about this teacher, Mr. Hirsch, who is very much against Mr. DHS and thinks that if we have that, then there should be a Miss School Chest calendar. *rolls eyes* Zima commented that he's very much a man's man, ya know, Father's Club and all that jazz (I swear, if he weren't married, he'd be gay). Then Zima said that he's only like that because he doesn't get the sports and bars that most men do. I laughed. And still am. I adore Zima.

Here's the game plan....
+Finish French picture (yes, I already finished. Yes, I'm going back to make changes. Yes, I'm a perfectionist)
+Revise French article
+Do Calculus homework. (Funny story: I fell asleep in class today...again, that's what he gets for putting me in the back...and then he put up the screen for the overhead and it was so loud that I woke up scared, my heart beating about 10 miles an hour.)
+English Paragraph
+Mr. DHS
+Study US on paper?
+Start to become a Wade fan....
+Whoa! Slap myself upside the head for that last comment. Dammit, boy!
+Laugh at myself for calling the puppies and Wade "boys" when they are all older than me...chronological age, of course, not mental or maturity *smirks* *laughs*
+Annoy myself by not keeping this list in chronological order. Damn, I think I'm more obsessive-compulsive that I thought. This is really bothering me...

...To the point of stopping. No more of that. But honestly, I have to get back to mes devoirs. Au revoir!

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