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You've got to get yourself together....

Yes. Yes I do. Thank you.

Anywho...just came from Ci's. Her kittens are the cutest!!!! Miss Rose, the black one, is bigger, about Tigger-size. She's so precious, and adorable, and cuddly, and I think she really likes me. Yay.

JC is tiny. Like tiny-tiny. And he's all scruffy haired. And such the spazz....Hmmm...Am I talking about the cat or the Puppy? Ahahaha!

Sometimes I crack myself up. Whew *wipes forehead*

I actually got my Physics, calculus and history homework done before going to Allie's. Then we finished our French artist box (I finished my sketch later at Ci's. But it's done now. Took about 3 and a half hours, total. Yikes.) I got home, ate Chinese for dinner...yum, and went to Ci's. I finished my French thing and the rest of Physics there. I haven't done English yet. Guess the last 9 chapters of Beloved aren't getting read. *sigh*

Honestly, it's not like I'm being a slack. I would do all of my homework, but find me the frickin' time!!

I'm sleepy. Going to go do homework, then shower, then hopefully bed by 1. Yay five and a half hours of sleep. Blar.

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