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Yay...I'm finally home.

It's been a long day...starting bright and early at 9:30 when I woke up.

I sketched the Renoir with colored pencils...I think I mentioned that earlier. Then chatted online a bit.

At 3:15, I went with Eric and Goldy to buy food for the Production Party. Zach met us at Sam's Club and we got all the necessary items...cake, chips, soda, candy. Got back to school at 4:45-ish. Zach, Eric and I set up the cafeteria for the party, and we were done at about 5:30. However, call is 6, so I didn't have time to go home. I changed into all black (because it's my actual costume, otherwise I would have been a little more formal. boo.)

The show went well. Tons less stress. There were a few mistakes, but nothing huge, and the audience probably didn't even notice.

Strike went well also. This is when all the parts of the Production help to take apart everything. The band unsets and cleans the pit. The actors clean the costume shop and their areas of the world. The crew takes down the set, and cleans their areas of the world. Everything went pretty quick.

Production party was good. A lot of people actually stayed, which was impressive. Most parties are held at someone's house, but for STUNTS, because it's so varied and there isn't one cast, we contain it to the school cafeteria. Very good turn out. Yay! We kicked everyone out at midnight...because it was past curfew, so that Eric, Zach and I could clean up. (Also apparently in the job description....) There was a small group of bandies that stayed. I'm friends, or at least acquaintances with most of them, so we played some cards and stuff (Egyptian Rat Screw, Mofia and Zummi-Zummi) after cleaning, and Eric made us leave at 1.

After the final shut down of everything, I got out of there at 1:15. And now I'm home, and exhausted, and I was in a good mood, but now it's sort of blah. I wasn't going to open my PSAT results because I was in too good of a mood, in case they aren't good. But I could go either way right why not?

*scurries upstairs to retrieve ominous-looking envelope*.

Hmmm...89th percentile. Score of 184. Not bad, I guess.
Writing Skills=78%

Ouch. I need to improve my writing skills. And I want to, too...but the school offers no extra grammar courses or anything.

Ouch again. "Your pattern of correct and incorrect answers does not provide clear evidence about you specific strengths and weaknesses." I got that on both Math and Verbal.

It's things like these that make me think I'd do better in a math field than an english one...but then I realize that my B in Calculus and C in Physics suck compared to my A in English, B+ in History and A in Theatre. I just enjoy those more, so I'm better at them. Attitude is everything.

Okay, I'm sleepy. Time for bed. Good night everyone!

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