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I didn't update yesterday...What is this world coming to??

Yes, I'm here. Safe, fine, beautiful.

Last night's show was 10 billion times better than opening night. So that was good. Plus, Jenny, Mary, Bridgette, and Elliott were home from college and they came. Then we went to dinner at Chili's. To no ones surprise, about half the cast was there too. Chili's is the "hang out" in Deerfield. Sad, isn't it?

I felt a lot better yesterday. Then again, I got sleep Thursday night. Unintentional, as most of my sleep seems to be, I dozed off in mid-sentence while writing my English journal. I woke up to my mom clearing my homework and books off my bed, turning off my light and telling me to "just go to sleep". I did, and even though she said I could sleep late, I woke up earlier than normal and took my shower and finished my English homework before school. Granted I only got about 7 hours of was much appreciated.

Stress + No sleep = yuckyme.

But 5 more days of school until Winter Break, and next week I'm only at school until 6 for Musical rehearsal. *sigh* Five days...

This morning, I've been working on sketching a Renoir in colored pencil for our French project. It's not done, and isn't that good, but it's been about 2 hours, so I'm stopping until tomorrow.

Soon, I will be going shopping for STUNTS food and stuff for the Production Party.

That wraps up my entry.

Oh! And I have to go to Ci's sometimes...she just got 2 kittens! Yay!

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