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"And look for our next single on TRL, "How Much Did You Pay for that Horah?"

*sigh* *long, deep, sigh*

First night's performance done. Overall pretty good. There's one scene that I just can't call, because it's a band, without lyrics, mostly improvising. Hmmm...Nothing constant, no words to follow...How am I supposed to know when lights go? Oh well. A bunch of people said it looked really good and couldn't tell I was off for most of it.

My first time on stage with lines since I was in fifth grade! Whee! I only say two, very short things, but hey, I have enough to be doing. It's kind of sad that people still ask me what I do for the show, and if I just sit there. I'm stressing out beyond belief while trying to make lights and sound and shifts and the entire show come together.

But it went Yay. Yay STUNTS.

And...because it was a performance night, we got to go home after school. There are only 12 days each school year that I get to go home before 6. 5 Fall Play shows, 3 STUNTS shows, 4 Musical shows, and 4 Spring Play shows. The rest of the time, I'm in rehearsals or at stage crew. Oh well...I like what I do. I love being involved in the theatre program. I love leaping over the gap between "actors and techies". Yay me.

I'm so hyper right now. I was in darkness for an hour and a half, with relative quiet the only time. (I'm supposed to talk in a was more like a low voice...)

Anyway, there was a point to the "I got to come home today" thing. I already got done with my History and part of my French homework. Physics is still kicking my ass, and English...well...I have most of the homework done, I just have 9 chapters in Beloved to read. Supposedly by tomorrow...but I'm planning to do that this weekend. Not too bad though.

In case I didn't mention, I got Allie's present from yesterday. Yay! She's going to flip. That makes me happy. I love doing things for other people...I just don't usually have time.

My weekend is going to be wicked busy.
Friday - School, shop for Eric and Nielson's gifts, then show. After show, probably going out because I think Elliott and Jenny will be there. Yay!!!! Sleep.
Saturday - Shop for food for STUNTS production party, Show, Production party. Sleep.
Sunday - 5 hours of Beloved reading, 4 hours of Physics homework, work on French project with Allie, finish miscellaneous homework that hasn't been assigned yet, and sleep.

I'm foreseeing very little sleep. But....
6 days of School until Winter Break!!!!!

That's enough to make anyone trudge through. And come Saturday, the stress of STUNTS is *poofgone*.

Also, I love my sister. She is amazing. Cici - Thank you for the comment. It made me cry...of course, but thank you.

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