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I hate crying in public...

The French field trip was fun. I now have a shit load of homework to do though, but I got to see my Pretty Monet (Waterloo Bridge, Sunset Effect...the purple one) and a bunch of other beautiful artworks. Allie and I are going to be going back to see the Van Gogh/Gaugain exhibit in a couple weeks.

Tech. I don't think it could have gone worse. I mean, it was okay, but tomorrow is final dress. Holy shit! We are not ready and the negative attitudes floating around have caused unnecessary stress and hurt to everyone. I know I cried 3 times today. STUNTS is something that I, being on Board, have been working on since May. That's over half the year. And now some fuckers that are having issues with each other are ruining it for me. Well damn them! This is my show, and they are not going to ruin it. I'll run the whole fucking show myself and kick them all off. (Okay, that's impossible, but whatever).

Eric plans to talk to everyone about this tomorrow, and I hope things get cleared up, because I'm feeling completely miserable. I'm sure there are other things in effect, but STUNTS is the straw that broke the camel's back, and the most obvious source.

I need to relax myself, then do homework. I have about 5 hours of English reading to do. Why can't I be a fast reader? Dammit.

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