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So much time, so little to do...Wait....Strike that and reverse it

Tech today went ten thousand times better than either before. I'm starting to enjoy my position and am finally getting a feel that I'm doing things right. (Especially after a friend of mine told me what a great job I was doing compared to my 1/4 counter part) *grins*

And I'm just really happy, because although I just spent over 2 hours updating my prompt book, and am just starting normal homework at 11:45, I have no classes tomorrow. Field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago!!!! Whoo whoo!!!!! I love French impressionist art. Perhaps I've mentioned that?? *laughs*

Any way, that will be wicked fun. And my only homework tonight was US History (20 minutes, tops) and English (eh, about an hour, but I like doing it). It's just good.

All good. Yet I'm still not overly happy. Oh well. I've admitted to my inability to be really happy. Someday maybe.

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