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Don't ask why, but I'm in a profane mood. Deal with the swearing please.

My Santa is amazing. I will be getting a whole bunch of great stuff under the tree on Christmas morning, including 2 skirts, some more sweaters (have I mentioned that I'm the turtleneck-sweater Queen? Well, I am), a new winter coat, some jewelry, and a pair of boots.

And I don't think I'm totally done yet. Might still get some CDs. My Mamma is the greatest. She's really amazing.

Happy Hannukah!! It's a bit past sundown, but I wasn't home then. Hope anyone observing the holiday had fun tonight, and enjoyed a feast of potato laches, or whatever those are. Sorry, I don't know much about Judaism.

Hmmm...what else?

Oh, I know own a Joey bobble-head doll. 3/5 ain't bad. I also own Nickelback's first CD The State and Young Lust: An Aerosmith Anthology, along with the What's Going On? CD, and Miracle on 34th Street (the remake with Dylan McDermott) on DVD. It was a good day.

Yeah, so where the hell does my weekend go? I swear, I thought I had a ton of time to do things, and here I am not done with my homework at 11 on Sunday. The hell? (<- that was for you, Ci).

I've been reading through a bunch of people's journals that have been talking about mood swings and nightmares. And I've been having those. The mood swings more frequently, but when I have a nightmare, it's bad.

And they talk about seeing a psychiatrist, and taking medications. But I don't, and I'm not planning on it.

There isn't really a question, or really a comment in here anywhere, just a statement of truth. I don't know. Blah.

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