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New Entry - So Much Happiness

Well, I have nothing really new to say, but ya know, it's been about 3 1/2 hours since I last posted. *Gasp* *smiles*

I enjoy getting responses to my journals and comments, so I figure, the more I write, the more people I can make laugh (or at least chuckle...okay, maybe just raise an eyebrow, shake their heads and keep reading). Either way, I'm reaching new people. The internet is a wonderful thing.

The NPostors just keep growing and getting funnier. So great. Thus far, I've made comments and gotten responses from Lance_Bass, Bobbie Chasez, and Therealdirk. I think it's the coolest thing ever. It's so fun, and gives me something to do when I sit around bored during summer vacation.

Only one month and six days until school...yuck. I enjoy the building, the teachers, most of the people, most of the classes. What I can't stand is the homework. If there wasn't homework, I'd probably be the best student ever. Oh well, I'll stick to slacking off and having more fun than my studious friends. In the long run I will remember my high school experience as being better than theirs because I had the most fun. That's all that matters is the memories.

Not too sure what else to say. I have 417 mp3s on my computer. They rock! I love music sooooo much. I'm going to be getting one of those new mp3-CD players. They can play up to 20 hours of music because you burn mp3s onto the CD-Rs instead of wav files (which are significantly bigger). It boggles the mind that I bother to buy as many actual CDs as I do. I actually prefer to buy them than download all the songs. That's cheating. If my sister owns a CD, sure I'll make a copy of it (that's the one CD per household rule), but I usually just buy it any way. To each his own I guess...or as they say in France "Chacun ses gouts".

Parents are home, which sucks BIG TIME. Within the first 5 minutes of them walking through the door, they were already fighting. I think I enjoyed the weekend not because I had the house to myself, but because they weren't there. And they wonder why I go out every night. Parents can suck a lot sometimes. :o(

Well, I hate to end on a bad note, so I will try and cheer myself up. My sister's wedding is in a month and two days. How scary? I still need to decide if I'm going to be bringing a date...and if I am, I should really ask him soon. Hmmm, who to ask. Actually I know exactly who I would ask, I just haven't seen him in a while. I should really get on that.

Okay, I feel better, I can go now. I'll check back later! Ta ta for now everyone...and have a great Sunday! :o)

:::My Music::: [I know it's been forever since I'm used my mp3 player, cus of Celebrity, but I need a little non-NSYNC offense to my boys]
*Ashes By Now - Lee Ann Womack
*Rocket Ship - Guster
*I Want to Be in Love - Melissa Etheridge
*Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters
*Duck and Run - 3 Doors Down (love their CD sooo's good, buy it now.)
*David Duchovny - Bree Sharp
*September - BBMak
*Crossroads - Dexter Freebish
[For those of you who are new to my music taste...I listen to just about everything. Random, huh? Well, so am I.]

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