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Fun with Harry Potter!

Eww...Ci, get your mind out of the gutter. Hahaha.

Please excuse me, it's late.

First off, because I seriously doubt these stupid images will show up in my journal...all the pictures can be found here.

If you really want one (though the quality is not the greatest, just ask. Hermione is mine, and cicigreen gets first pick, but otherwise, it's all good...)

First and foremost, my Hermione. I like it. Hee hee...mega bitch!

Next, Harry is "So Serious"...

And, he's a "Cute Boy!"

Also, inspired by Britney, "Not a boy, not quite a man"

Finally, "How You've Grown"

There are a couple more on the web page. Plus some icons without words, and a couple of the big pictures in case you have better image programs than me (which you me).

*crosses fingers* Work Dammit!!

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