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Fun, fun, fun

Last night was tons o' fun. I was babysitting (like I had mentioned before), so I was doing all the good aunt things. I took the kids outside a bunch, made them a spaghetti dinner and let them eat ice cream. At 8:30, Nikki came over and we called other people to join the mini party (oops, "gathering"). JC came first, then Lewis. They played Smash Bros with my 7 year old nephew. Nik and I ordered a pizza cus neither of us had eaten (I made too few noodles so only the kids got pasta.) Charlie came over next and the boys continued video games while Nik and I waited for pizza, watched Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead and put Zoe to bed.

When Zoe was asleep and we had devoured the pizza, Nik and I joined the guys downstairs. We all decided to watch Almost Famous. I put Mikey (my nephew) on the couch upstairs with cartoons on, and he fell asleep there. I was going to move him, but when I tried to get him up to take him to a room with a bed, he was unresponsive.

Candace came right as Almost Famous started, and we watched until about 12, when we paused it so the curfew people could leave (and of course we spend 15 minutes rearranging cars in the driveway because no one can park logically). As they were leaving, Jenny and Elliott showed up, so they, Charlie, Lewis and I finished the movie. It ended around one, and they all left. I cleaned/straightened up the house, checked on the kids, turned on night lights and off hall lights, locked doors, and all the other responsible care-taker jobs. I would have updated my journal last night after they left, but I was too tired. So I do it now.

Already this morning, I'm been checking out the NPosters (or NPostors...I checked a dictionary and they both mean the same thing, but whenever I see NPosters, I think of a wall poster). Anywho, I should go...maybe shower and get some lunch. Perhaps I will go shopping today, I'm in the mood to spend a lot of money that I don't really have to spend...hmmm, money! Yummy.

Alright, that's it for now. Parents and sister come home today, no more house to myself. Sucks, but I had a good weekend anyway.

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