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(one is NSYNC, if that makes a difference in your choosing to link...)

First and foremost, look what I bought!!!!

EDIT: I don't think those are working images...go here

It's not actually for me. It's a present for Allie...I figure birthday/christmas, since I don't actually get my friends Christmas presents more than candy canes and homemade cookies.

But this is her favorite painting (Woman Sewing or Young Woman Sewing, I've seen it as both) from her favorite artist (Renoir), and I had to get it. Every time we are at the Art Institute she stares at that one forever and complains that she can never find any prints of it. And I found it! I feel it's my duty as a best friend to get it for her.

Second, and of course, NSYNCy

Again: Go here.

I don't know why, but I love this picture. They all look pretty bad, I mean, Justin's hair, Chris's hat, Lance's smile, Joey's coat...but I like it. A lot. hee hee.

That is all.

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