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*forces eyes to stay open....will work on focus later*

2.5 hours of sleep last night. That's what I've been working on all day. Took a Physics test on 2.5 hours of sleep (and it was fucking impossible. And it wasn't just me. Everyone but 1 person I talked to didn't even finish. There's something wrong with that).

Also took a History test on 2.5 hours of sleep.

And I was dead in English, and having hot flashes, though I was shivering. (I'm slowly getting sick)

Don't know what we did in Calculus. My entire energies were devoted to trying to keep my eyes open. (Unsuccessful. Dozed for a couple seconds here and there before jerking awake)

Not to mention that all day was just blah. On verge of crying (tears in eyes) twice. Things were bad, and I don't even know why. That's the worst part. I don't know why I was so depressed/upset/unhappy today. *shrugs*

Got passed tired to giddy around 7 o'clock. Am now tired again. Need apple. I'm obsessed with apples.

Need sleep. Nothing tomorrow, so I'll be sleeping in. I hope. I better...

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