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*sigh* Yes, just *sigh*

It's been a long day, always, ain't that right?

Yes indeed. Loooooonnnngggg.

Last night I fell asleep doing homework at 1, woke up at 3, still fully clothed, computer running and all the lights on. Beloved was tossed to the side, but my pen still held the page. I tried to read, then showered, finished reading, wrote two entries, and was in bed for the night at 5:10. Heh. Had to get up at 7. *sigh* 4 hours in 2 hours shifts. Not happy.

School was okay. Yesterday was sucky all day. With the moodiness, and crying and shit. Today was good compared to that. But not overly great. Allie was gone on what I was calling a "mental health day". Granted, she was a little sick yesterday, but she also had a ton of English homework, so decided to stay home. I envy that. I can't miss school or I'd get too far behind (hence that I still have to make up a History Test and French quiz from Thanksgiving break. But she's incredibly intelligent and won't get behind.

STUNTS tech starts tomorrow. Show opens a week from Thursday. Yikes! I feel so unprepared, but I think I'm actually pretty well off. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. *sigh* At school from 7am to 9pm. You really have to love Tech Weeks. When the hell am I supposed to do homework and sleep??

HAHAHA! I just hit my Lance bobble head doll with his wrist, and his head went crazy! You really had to see it, but trust me, it was great.

Stupid me just posted this entry without finishing. *sigh* It's one of those days...

It's weird, I have nothing to say, but I don't want to stop writing this entry. Maybe I should shower. Yes, definitely. I'll probably make another entry later...but if not, Night!!

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