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Home again...

I feel like I completely got shafted from a weekend, because I've been so busy, but at least I got to do some fun stuff.

Like tonight. Cici and I went to see Harry Potter. Yay! It was good. And Sean Biggenstaff is in fact, very good looking. I'm now currently looking forward to the second one.

There were a bunch of good previews too. Lord of the Rings. Ci is excited for Elijah Wood. Mmmm...that hair! You just want to wrap your fingers in the curls. Or at least I do. Hee hee.

Okay, well I have a ton of homework to get to yet. *sigh* I just want to go to bed, not do calculus, and read 3 chapters of Beloved, and respond to Beloved, and study french, and create a prompt book. All before bed tonight. I'm so tired already...booo!

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