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A Cruel Awakening to the Transiance of Life...

So, I'm in a good mood all morning. Cheery, Christmasy, procrastinating on all the work I have to do, considering going to Best Buy, even though I don't have enough money to get a Lance doll because you have to spend $25 first. But never the less, content.

Then I get out of the shower to hear:
"YOU DON'T LOVE ME!!" being screamed at my mother by Zoe. *sigh* She still has 8 years before teenage-ism. I wonder where Cici is. I wonder if I could join her...

Besides from that, I attempt to remain happy, happy-frappy. (Like from the Incubus song..."I Wish You Where Here")

Hee hee. Okay, Located Ci, she's here apparently. Zoe stopped crying and we will be going to Best Buy. Whee! Okay, time to get dressed. Tootle-loo!

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