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Yay! Fun Night!! (and @Home can still kiss my ass)

(Damn AOL and it's slowness. Damn @Home for it's stupidness.)

Now the happy stuff...

Carly's party was fun. About 20 people, so not huge, but I haven't been to a social gathering in what seems like forever! So needed that. We even got busted by the cops!! Well, we were playing in a park after sundown, and apparently some neighbor called about the noise, and a police officer came. He didn't even send us home. Yay!

It's not a real party until the cops arrive. *laughs*

I was one of the last two people to leave...after curfew of course. Such a bad kid. Oh well. It was good, though. Good night. Happy now. Yay happiness. Even if my internet is having issues. At least I have AOL as an option. Some people are just SOL. I would die without internet, and e-mail and AIM.

Thank god for AOL and dial-up modems. (Wow, never thought I'd say that...)

I'm still currently really awake, but I will be crashing soon...very soon. So, good night!

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