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Ahh! *sigh*

I feel so accomplished and relaxed today. I babysat for my niece and nephew this morning while my sister when to her third chiropractic appointment. We hung outside because it was so beautiful. Now it's getting kind of humid and gross. I'm hoping for rain (I love rain), but the WeatherBug forecast said the rain will most likely stay in the southwest suburbs (I'm northeast), and if it rains it won't be until tonight. Oh well.

When Chris got home from the doctor, we all had lunch then her and the kids left to go clean her apartment. She's got a blind date tonight and he's picking her up there, so she figured it should look all pretty.

After they left, I started a load of laundry, then did dishes from lunch. There weren't too many, but we made mac & cheese and soup (cus I didn't want the macaroni), so we had a bunch of pans and bowls. After dishes, I took a shower, and now (that I just got out), I put my pajamas and towels in the second load of laundry. I love being responsible. It makes me feel so mature and growed up. I'm still trying to hang on to my youth though. Sure, I'm only sixteen, but before you know it, I'll be 30 and wondering where all the time went.

My plans for the afternoon are to hang out on Live Journal, check the NPosters's journals and laugh a lot. Around 5, I'm going to go pick up the kids from my sister, so she can get ready for her date and so she won't have to drive them all the way here and just turn around and go back. I might pick up some Ben & Jerry's on the way there (disguising it as a reward for the kids having to clean their room all afternoon, when really, I've just had a craving for it for about a week and a half...mmmm Half Baked...).

Well, time to go surf some journals! I'll talk to you later!

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