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And after a long day of hunting, herding, and caring for her young, the lioness relaxes...

I'm far from a lioness, but I've had one hell of a day.

Starting bright and early at 6:15 when I had to wake up so I could leave for school at 6:45. Can I tell you that the worst thing to have to do on a Friday is get up early to take a Physics test? *sigh* I didn't even do well on it. Whatever...

Then, I didn't get a free period, because I had to make up the Beloved quiz I missed. I think I did well on that though. And frankly, my English grade actually *means* something to me. Physics is just another class.

The rest of the day Not bad, not good. Just there.

But then...Citrus Delivery!!!!!!. Citrus Day is my favorite day of the year. The biggest fundraiser of the year is the Chorus/Band/Orchestra citrus sale of grapefruits and oranges, in boxes of 20 or 40 lbs. So then it all gets delivered, and the fun begins.

All the students in the Music programs, whether you sold it or not, must help to unload the trucks. So we get into lines and have a human assembly line of passing heavy cardboard boxes of fruit.

Over 900 20lb boxes of Oranges
600 20lb boxes of Grapefruits
300 40lb boxes of Oranges
200 40lb boxes of Grapefruits

In case you've never unloaded 2000 boxes of citrus from two semis, it's heavy. It's actually not hard, until you have to claim yours, and carry it around, and to the car, and help other people with theres. Damn, that's a lot of weight. My back still hurts, and I'm in some trouble for tomorrow.

But WHEE! It's the best ever. It's two and a half hours of organized chaos and heavy lifting, and talking and singing. Well, some people sing. (We did! The band people next to us gave us weird looks. Hahaha!) You really have to experience it, but it's fantastic.

Then I had to take Allie home, and Zoe and I went to go pick up pickles so we could have tuna for dinner, and then I had to make dinner, and we ate, and I'm finally done for the day. *Sigh* and it's been a long one.

God, my back is so stiff and tense. I need to relax or it's going to get really painful. Must go now. I'll be back.

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