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Do you realize how much I should be in bed right now?

I have to be up in 6 hours...but since I'm bored, and finished my homework for tonight (though I should be doing tomorrow night's homework. Britney concert. Won't get home until about 11. Start homework then...whoo-who!)

I have just really really really really really wanted to try the random journals thing to see how many it would take to get back to mine. Hee I am!

Cus it's no fun if you don't know whose journals I went through.

1. myfairdiary
2. probablysmiling
3. myfairdiary (She was the only person he had listed!)
4. oink
5. juji
6. foxhole
7. juji (Damn, what is it with these people? Another dead end...)
8. elizabethjune
9. goddessathena
10. decemberrain
11. pixie143
12. lizzygurl
13. beccaluvsdorks
14. blahbutsud
15. dream42886
16. ingram
17. 311fan6
18. kornywill13
19. brittany (Whoo-who! Someone with more than 10's about time!)
20. adorkable
21. spazzz
22. vampy_kitty
23. angelface7
24. miss_cleo (A little bit of a cop-out, but this is taking forever!)
25. fakejournals (The end is near...I can FEEL it!)
26. jcscottchasez (Hee hee...because I could!)
27. gailmarie

Yay! I made it!! I don't know if I was "allowed" to use both friend and friend of journals, but I did, and it still took me a hell of a long time. That was enjoyable...may have to try it again sometime.

(For the Record: That took me 25 minutes.)

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