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Almost Sleepy Time....

Around 4, I went to visit Caitlin and give her Celebrity. She was all happy happy. *Smile* After, I went to pick up my sister at work (since her back is still bothering her). Stopping by Barnes & Noble, then Borders, we successfully bought 10 issues of Rolling Stone (5 for each of us). Haven't read it yet, but I've heard through the grapevine that it's a good article.

Around 7, mes amis et moi, nous sommes alles au Stake 'n Shake. (Sorry, french mode randomly popped into my head...translation: My friends and I, we went to Stake 'n Shake.) After, we drove to Lindsay's to have a gathering. We had a discussion on "party" versus "gathering". Because we are good kids and don't use drugs or alcohol, we can only be considered to have a gathering. Either way, we watched 3 pretty fucked up movies. First was SLC Punk. It was okay, but predictable. Second, Army of Darkness (3rd in the Evil Dead trilogy). This was so incredibly funny and stupid and predictable. Last, we saw Heathers. Extremely disturbing, but not totally bad. Though I was pretty much against the concept, it had some perks. At 2, we disbursed to our homes. I had to drive Charlie and Lewis home first, so I didn't get home till a little after 2:30. Then I got ready for bed, brushed teeth and came down to update my journal.

So I heard about this new user Lance_Bass. Of course not the real one (I think), but it's funny just to see what he says, and even funnier to see the comments people leave. I was amused and had to leave a comment myself. Something about how Lance isn't the clean-cut Christian he's made out to be. He's a flaming, devious, prankster. And that's how I like to think of him. His smile is too sweet...he's hiding something. Wow, the frenzy caused by one person pretending to be a superstar. It's crazy. Something like 77 people have him on their "friends list". (My sister is one of those. Freak, but I love you.)

Oh, did I mention? I went shopping earlier and bought the coolest long sweater. I've been looking for one everywhere...the knee-length, button-down ribbed sweaters. I had only seen them at Wet Seal for $60. Rip off, so one of my friends told me Sears was having a sale on them. I went in and found the perfect one like I had been looking for. It's a cream/beige color and looks totally awesome. Now, if only it were a bit colder out. Oh well, I don't want to jinx anything.

It's totally bed time, so I'll check back in tomorrow, while I'm lounging in my house. The whole thing to myself. It's so sweet. So happy. Goodnight to all you late night journalers!

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