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A Couple O' Things....

One, Damn. I need to buy me a memory.

Two, Oh yeah! I have decided that if I win the Secret Santa thing, my guy will be getting a loverly tee-shirt (something like "JC is a pretty kitten" or "It's all about the JoLa.") Hee hee hee!

Three, I hate school. I like vacation. STUNTS Tech starts a week from Wednesday. What?!?!?!? When the hell did that happen? I don't have all the scripts yet, and I'm supposed to have a prompt book? We don't even have light cues!

Four, Second freak out...I have to make up 3 tests and 2 quizzes (both quizzes are difficult too). I only have one free period a day, and not until Wednesday. And Gasper wanted my test to be done by today. AHAHAHA! You're just going to have to wait, sir.

Five, School starts at 11 tomorrow, but Allie and I are getting there at 10 to do the stupid French Lab. Fuck French!

Six, My classes tomorrow only consist of Free (French Lab), Chorus, Theatre, History and French. At least it will be an easy sucky day. Oh, and there's even an assembly. I guess it could be worse.

Seven, STUNTS rehearsals....grrrr....I feel like I should be doing more, and I'm not. It's safe to say that I'm pretty lost.

Eight, I have a ton of homework to do tonight, but Emily is over, so we are going out for dinner. I don't have time for this! Besides, I want to get on AIM later. I haven't been forever.

Nine, I was told that a bunch of people missed me while I was gone last week. *frowns* Well, the graduates (Our Seniors *sniff*) will be back for Winter Break, and that's just around the corner.

Ten, 29 Days Until Christmas!!!

Eleven...I gotta go do some stuff.

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