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I swear to god! My thoughts are too scary sometimes. I'm one of those people that assumes the worst in a situation, and even if there is no "situation", my mind will randomly wonder to horrible thoughts. (I don't know if that was clear, but please, bare with me here.)

I had a dream last night. It was bad. The first half, a really good friend of mine had died, and so me and the rest of my friends were going though "her house" (which it wasn't). It was actually a rather nice dream. Nothing scary, nothing too sad, just mellow and beautifully played.

But then I got to the second half. I have no idea where the fuck it came from, but all of a sudden, my sister and I were outside in my driveway. There were cars everywhere, and also dead bodies. I didn't see any of them, but I can assume that they were either family or friends. So I'm standing by my brother's jeep, and this guy is sitting in it dying. He has a gun, so he's trying to shoot the killer. (The killer was actually a creepy guy that was in my Sociology class last year. I've never met him, and don't even know his name.) The guy in the jeep fires 5 shots before hitting the killer. Both the guy in the jeep and the killer collapse.

I start rejoicing. I crawl/walk/limp to behind the house where my sister is. She yells at me for coming over, because the killer would have thought I was dead if I stayed where I was and hadn't moved. We mention something about her kids playing video games downstairs, then the killer gets up and starts to walk to us. We run to the backyard. Apparently I had been shot in the hand or arm, because I could run around. He chases me, and my sister gets to the back door and goes in the house. I follow her in, and she shuts the door on the killer. Obviously, he's not stupid, and just breaks the window and turns the knob, but if gives us enough time to take the kids and go before he gets down the stairs.

Me and Mikey hide in my closet, which is very hard to get to, so when the killer is searching the room, he doesn't even try. I tell Mikey he has to be very quiet and can't say anything, even though I continue to put my hand over his mouth. When the killer leaves my room to look for Cici and Zoe, Mike and I run upstairs and back outside. I have him hide in the passenger side foot-well of my brother's jeep. I tell him to stay there until I come back for him, and not to move. As I close the door, I see the killer about to come back outside. I roll under the jeep, and around to my mom's car. I get in the backseat, on the floor and stay there.

At this point, I wake up, but I just lay there, because I'm pretty freaked out. I keep my eyes closed, but for whatever reason, my dream continues. I end up going back downstairs to my room and calling the police from my cell phone. I tell them that there is an insane man chasing me and my sister, trying to kill us, and that he'd already killed about 6 other people, that the police would see when they came. I have to call about 4 times to assure them that this isn't a prank, all the while, having to out run the killer. At one point, when I'm just far enough out of his sight, I run into the side door of the garage, and hide in the pitch black to wait.

After this, I forced myself to get out of bed and take a shower. It was an hour and half before my alarm would have gone off, but I had to escape that dream. I mean, this was very real feeling, and looked as though it could have been a huge blockbuster movie climax. This isn't the first dream I've had that is just a little too real, a little too scary, or a little too whacked out. I just wish they would stop. I mean, why the hell would I imagine something like that?

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