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Another day done, and I'm left with only fond memories...

Sometimes I think I should be a poet. Or just one of those people who always say the really cool things and get quoted in movies, books, speeches, etc.

My kitty is awesome. I missed her in the past week. *frowns* But now I'm happy to see her again. Yay!

Apparently school doesn't start until 11 tomorrow. Boo-yah! And we are testing block scheduling, so I only have half my classes. Boo-yah again! It's amazing. I have 10 hours before I have to wake up. And I think I will take advantage of all 10.

Went to Ci's today homework? Mom called at 7 and asked if I had gotten a lot done. "Yeah, I have." Um...I had watched the Puppies Atlantis special with my sister. Does that count? Hahaha. For the record: Watching Puppies footage is sooooooo much better with another fan like yourself. We had a good laugh. Lance has situated himself firmly in 2nd, and Justin is struggling to regain his position. (The collapsing in "Gone" is definitely helping.) So much fun. Lots of laughing, even more squeeing.

I actually did get a majority of my homework done. A lot of it is just studying, and you can only stare at the pages of a Calculus book for so long before realizing it's hopeless, and not so totally worth it. Guess it just sucks to be me.

Need sleep. Damn, need shower. I'll have time in the morning, I think. I'll have to be out of bed -right- at 10 though. Blah. So...very...tired. Night kids!

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