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*sings* "Hurry Christmas, don't be late"....ya gotta love the Chipmunks

I love Christmas, so courtesy of Dacey *drum roll*..... The Christmas Survey!!

1. When do you put your Christmas/Hanukah decorations up?
The day after Thanksgiving, traditionally. Out with the old, in with the new!

2. Do you prefer to use Christmas lights that are all one color, or do you go for the multicolor effect?
Both. Solid white for the Tree (since the ornaments are color enough) and Multi-colored for the house.

. Real tree or fake?
We've always had an artificial tree. Less work, and you can have them up longer.

4. Where do you get your tree?
Umm...the garage?

5. Perfectly shaped tree, or one with character?
Perfectly shaped. I love Charlie Brown, but I want a pretty tree, perfect for a perfect holiday.

6. Where do you put your tree?
Living room, right in front of our big picture windows so you can see it from the street.

7. Tinsel or garland?
Garland. Tinsel is far too messy, and a hazard for kitty. But garland is fun.

8. Blinking lights or solid lights on the tree?
Solid. Blinking too crazy.

9. What sits on the very top of your tree?
A fabric angel, that I think my mom made.

10. Eggnog or hot chocolate?
I love hot cocoa.

11. What does your family Christmas/Hanukah feast consist of?
Turkey, ham, mashed potatos, corn, stuffing, bread, pumpkin pie. The norm.

12. What day do you typically hold your Christmas celebrations?
We read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve, and open presents Christmas day.

13. When do you open your presents?
Christmas morning. Bright and early, before breakfast.

14. Do you open them all at once, or one by one?
One by one. Savor each and every gift. Besides, it takes longer, and we all know it's not how much you spend, it's how many presents you get. *laughs*

15. Favorite Christmas movie?
I have a ton. It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol (any version, Mickey's, Muppet's, the one with Patrick Stewart). The list goes on and on.

17. Do you have any family holiday traditions that you partake in each year?
Well, decorating the house the day after Thanksgiving, watching movies, reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve, then wrapping presents once any children go to bed, leaving out cookies and milk with the kids, then eating some of the cookies and drinking part of the milk to make it seem like Santa came.

18. For New Year's Eve, do you go out, or stay in?
I usually stay in with a few friends (about 5-8). Never anything to big, just fun. We drink Cherry 7-Up, watch Psycho on mute, throw confetti, read out of the If Books, and watch marathons of Cirque de know, the norm. *laughs*

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