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Closet Fans!

Honestly, it's not that bad to beat your head against a wall and say "what is it about these 5 hotties that makes me listen to music I would usually hate?". I enjoy being a totally obsessive fan. But a cool fan, not a teenie. Are my walls covered with NSYNC memorabilia? If you walk in, would you say "whoa, what's up with that?". Nope. I have one JC poster (the old one where he's wearing blue, you know the one), and an NSYNC glowstick (that I got at the concert). That's it. My CD binder: sure I have 3 NSYNC CDs, but I have 3 Aerosmith, 2 Matchbox Twenty, 2 Wallflowers, Barenaked Ladies, Counting Crows, Guns 'n Roses, Dave Matthews, Everclear...normal stuff. Sure, the Celebrity is currently in my CD player, but then again, so is Guster. I own their three most recent magazine (Seventeen, YM, and Teen Vogue) and will be getting the Rolling Stones. That's nothing huge. I just talk about them a lot, and like to watch them when they make TV appearances, and love to see them in concert.

Back to my original point...why be a closet fan, when you can just admit you have a problem? My friend Amanda is going out of town today, so she stopped by to drop off a check to my mommy for the concerts we are going to (yeah Matchbox Twenty and Barenaked Ladies!!). She also asked if I would see Caitlin before Wednesday. I said of course, because I'm sure I will. She handed me a Best Buy bag and said "She had me buy her the new NSYNC CD." I almost laughed out loud. I never would have begged her to be a closeted NSYNC fan, but she is. I feel like I should make fun of her for it, but then I'm sort of making fun of myself. I think I'll just give her the CD and ask who is her favorite. If she says Justin, I'll break her legs, if she says JC, I'll hug her, and if she says one of the other, I'll just smile and nod. [Honestly, no hard feelings against Juppy, but he's such as easy target. Infant...]

About a week ago, I told you that my friend Zoe was also a somewhat closeted fan. She said she just likes them as people. Me too! That's why I taped them on the View and Leno and Road to Celebrity. If you check back at some of my earliest entries, I explain how I'm not a teenie, and just like their personalities. I'm still the same, basically, but more obsessive, if that makes sense. Bah, whatever.

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