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1.) Pop - Good. I've heard it consistently for the past month, but every time I see them perform it I go all teenie at the floor hump. *squee!* And JC uses big words, "animosity", and that makes me smile. So does the video when he says "...that you recognize, that it's just about respect" and does his arm/point/hip thrust thing. I love JC.

2.) Celebrity - I love Wade doing the background voices. That's as close as he gets though, no singing for you!! NSYNC is five boys, and that's it! (besides, where would the "E" go? NSYNCE? NESYNC? Ha ha, Any Sync? (Sounds like Joey.)

3.) The Game is Over - Fun, and JC wrote it, so I really can't knock it. I like it anyways. It's better on the album than in concert. The concert version is just goofy and long and over-produced.

4.) Girlfriend - At first I was a little wary of this song, bordering on good and just okay, but I found myself singing it in the shower this morning, so it goes straight to the "stellar" category. (I only sing good stuff in the shower.) Very gender specific, very Justin...JC tries to leave his songs open for interpretation. It is a good song though, I'll give Juppy that credit.

5.) The Two of Us - Was my fav before the album came out, and I still like it. It's bouncy and dancey and fun, but it's been bumped from the top spot. I still love JC singing it, because he makes it sound so sweet and honest. Like he's pouring his heart out. *awww* I love JC.

6.) Gone - Oh my god! Who doesn't like this song? It's so good, and Justin's ghetto "sittin' here" when he echoes everyone...it makes me squeee! (The best is at 2:43...listen to it, it's great.) This is such a sad song, I just wish Justin wasn't the only one with the melody line. Though he does do it very well. I forgive you goat-boy!

7.) Tell Me, Tell Me...Baby Stalkerish, yes, but very catchy. I love listening to it, and JC restarting it makes me SOOOO happy! He's so cute, and professional, and perfectionist. Back to the song, it's cool. and JC swears...hee hee.

8.) Up Against the Wall - I loved this song in concert, and it's better on album. My interpretation: JC's in a discotheque "just doin' his thing" and this girl starts grinding around him. He feels uncomfortable and wants to leave, but she latches on to him like the plague. It was a horrible experience that he and Justin but into an upbeat song. "She's underneath the disco ball, the disco ball? the disco ball."

9.) See Right Through You - Love this song so much!! Who wouldn't want to play Justin? Sorry, I just think it's a fun song, really well written and performed. Hee hee "does he freak you the way that I do?" I would pay good money to hear explicit lyrics. JC replacing the "freak" with "fuck"! I would laugh so hard, but love him the more for it. Another very Justin song, always using the word "she". JC - take a stand for yourself. Reminds me of the "pronoun game" in Chasing Amy.

10.) Selfish - Beautiful song, almost brings a tear. I love it, and it's definitely one of my favorites. So sweet and beautifully written. Good job JC! "You can call me perfect, but who's perfect?" Great line...so modest and JC. Reminds me of the line in the new BNL's song "I'm so cool, too bad I'm a loser."

11.) Just Don't Tell Me That - So much fun. I don't thing JC or Lance would be thrilled about hanging out at the Playboy Mansion, but at least they have each other, and I'm sure there are some hot pool boys running around there.

12.) Something Like You - Is it bad that when I hear this, I think of them singing it to another guy? Especially when JC starts. I love it, but I think it's about one of his lovers. I have no problem with that either. Like Melissa Etheridge's new song, so she's singing to a girl, everyone needs a little lovin'.

13.) Do Your Thing - Eh. I'm sort of so-so on this one. Not too good, but it's definitely not bad either. I think on this album, I prefer songs JC and Justin wrote to those that other people wrote. This song reminds me of their first album, but I liked NSA better.

Overall, a great album. So glad the boys got to write more of their own songs, cus they were good. Goal for next album: give main parts to someone other than Justin and JC. Time, just need to give it time, I guess.


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Jul. 27th, 2001 08:57 am (UTC)
Um... Am I hearing is wrong?
In Selfish...

I thought the line was "You call me imperfect, but who's perfect?"

Like, they are arguing and she says something like "you aren't perfect you know" or something like that saying that he isn't perfect for her, but he responds "no one is perfect so fuck you."

But, of course, worded it nicer in the song.

But that's me.
Jul. 27th, 2001 09:16 am (UTC)
Re: Um... Am I hearing is wrong?
Well, if the cheap-ass boys put all the song lyrics in their little book thing, we would know for sure. I'm relistening, it sounds like "you can call me your perfect, but who's perfect" (now that I listened closer)...but that doesn't make sense. There sounds like something is before the first perfect, but it doesn't sound like an "im". I don't really know.

Maybe "unperfect"? Who wrote this? JC - you need to get yourself a dictionary. That would make more sense to the song though.

Thanks for always being there to correct me when I'm wrong. *snicker* *bitter*
Jul. 27th, 2001 09:19 am (UTC)
Re: Um... Am I hearing this wrong?
sorry ::giggle::

I am the queen of misheard lyrics, I assumed I was the wrong one.

::pump arm in air:: That's ONE for me.
Jul. 27th, 2001 01:10 pm (UTC)
Dang Gurl!
Dang! You have the patience to do all that? Shooooot!
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