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Okay, I'm here....sort of....

249 aol e-mails! All of the junk! Jesus Cristo I was only gone for a week!!!

The vacation. was fairly relaxing. I have a really nice tan. Went to Magic Kingdom and MGM Studios which were a lot of fun. Thanksgiving dinner was good.

Wow. Way to sum up a week into 4 sentences. Ha ha.

It was cool though. We went to Ron Jon's surf shop in Cocoa Beach on Thanksgiving because it is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It's huge, and I got an awesome zipper sweatshirt hoody thing. Very comfy, wore it the whole way back.

So we drove straight down last Friday. 20 hours from Chicago to Orlando. 4pm to noon Saturday. I listened to my CD player for the entire trip, and slept a lot. Thank god for portible CD players!!

We visited the University of Central Florida and U of F for my cousin (who is a senior this year). I liked UCF, but not U of F. Still don't really know where I want to go though, so things are open. But I got a shirt from each. Yippy.

Did I mention that I missed my cat? Because I did...She's so cute. Kitty!love.

So much family time though. By the ride home, I was ready to be home. *sigh* And NSYNC in the hotel room was not as good as if I could be squeeing with Ci or something. And I really started to miss my friends. And Journal. How crazy is that? Bah...

I have so much homework to do, but that's what tomorrow is going to be for. For now, I'm updating, catching up on events of the past week, and will call to see where my friends are and if there will be a gathering this evening. I hope so, because mes amis d'universite will be leaving soon. Maybe I should call Candace now...hmmm...or I can be lazy and not. Either way.

Well, if I think of any funny anecdotes or things to tell, I will come back and do so. For now, I must allez. Au revoir!

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