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I'm Home Early....Whoo-who!

We had a STUNTS Board meeting after school until 4. Just to get caught up on what everyone is doing and how things are coming along. Then, I was going to go to rehearsals for the Original Acts, but one of the groups didn't show up, and the other was missing 2 of the three people. Blah. It's really rather irritating.

But, it means that I'm home. And, I got a lot of homework done in school today (hee hee, Calculus is great for French homework) so I have very few assignments. My Mama didn't raise no foo', though. I'm gonna get my physics and english dones real quick-like, so I's can relaz and watch the West Wing tonight.

Don't ask where the hick came from, just smile and nod....

I might run to Target later. I know there was a bunch of stuff I wanted to pick up, and now all I can think of is folders. Damn. And if I go in without a purpose, I will come out with at least 2 new DVDs, and maybe a CD. I may have written a list in my French notebook...

My other plans for this evening are to organize my STUNTS binder and information, and to work on my new website. So far I have only transferred one page, but if you'd like to take a look... http://www.virtue.nu/gailmarie/Heermanisms.html Enjoy. If that doesn't work go here and click on "Heermanisms". *shrugs* I don't know what's going on with that.

Okay...physics time!

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