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I totally had more homework than I thought. Or maybe I sould have started before 4 o'clock this afternoon. And not watched Sound of Music. And maybe I could have avoided AIM too.

Okay, so the 7 hours of homework was completely my fault and maybe if I weren't such a frickin' slack, I could have been in bed by now.

Well, I just finished the last assignment, English. No, I did not actually finish reading Huck Finn, but I got close. Okay, so I didn't read more than 70 pages of that entire book. I got farther in this than MacBeth, Lord of the Flied and Frankenstein combined though! *throws confetti*

Yes, done with homework.

Auditions for the Musical tomorrow. It's Sound of Music (hence the watching the DVD today. It's three hours, but it's a good waste of three hours). I'm auditioning with Liesl's song "Sixteen Going on Seventeen". Wish me luck, I need it!

Also, I leave for Florida in 5 days. I know, I know. What the fuck? Have I like not mentioned it at all? I'm such a slack. [Oooo...irony. Technically, me being a slack would be not doing work, and updating Journal every ten minutes. However, here I am putting Journal before work and saying that accomplishing something like finishing homework should be considered work of a slacker.] Whoa...if that wasn't the English teacher in me popping out, I don't know what was.

Anywho, for the past two years, my mom, Aunt Judy and cousin Stephanie have driven down to Orlando to visit my cousin Annette who lives down there. We have no other family living in or around Florida, so we go down to celebrate Thanksgiving so that she won't feel so left out and lonely. This means possibly no updates in a week. *gasp* It's going to be tough, I know, but try to survive.

I'm kind of sad though, because I'm guessing that a lot of people will be coming home for Thanksgiving, and I won't get to see them. I will also be missing two days of school. I got really behind when I only missed one day over the span of three for the fall play. This should be interesting. Then again, I will be in sunny Florida hanging out with Mickey and friends. I guess I can't complain.

I have sent 1127 files through Audiogalaxy Satelight in the past week-ish that my computer has been on. It's all those Pink songs that keep transferring. (Currently I'm sending out 6. 5 are off of Pink's new album.)

Okay, it's definitely bedtime.

One last note (and you might want to read this, it's interesting): Mommy put up the Christmas tree and began to decorate it. Yes, it is only the 12th of November. Cici and I decided that she was going through withdrawls because we always put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. But for the past 2 years, we have been in Florida, so she hasn't gotten to decorate a tree in 3 years. She's crazy, and Ci said that if she ever gets like that, to have her committed. No prob, sis!

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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