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Happy Friday!

And it's happy for so many reasons. Mainly because the new Rolling Stones will come out, and I will buy all six (plus another 6 for my sister.) 12 issues of the exact same magazine too much for you? Well, then you suck. I am definitely admitting my obsession, and while I'm at it, why not enjoy life? It will make for some fun stories for my grandkids someday. "Back when I had to walk to school, 15 miles, uphill both days, in 10 feet of snow, wearing a skirt and no shoes..."

The other reason today is going to rock...I get the entire house to myself all weekend!! No parents, no sister, just me, and my house....definitely going to be taking advantage of this. I have to babysit tomorrow night, but I'll probably have people over anyway. Tonight, depending on when Lindsay kicks us out of her house (her parents and brother are gone too), I may invite people to hang here. It's nice knowing I'll be an independent for a couple days. It's even nicer to know that if I need it, my sister is never more than 20 minutes away. This weekend will be the best ever, even if I have to make it that way.

I should get back to doing nothing. I was considering going out and buying the Rolling Stones soon. Zoe might like the field trip. And it puts us out of the house. Daddy is home all day (took off work so he can go to the closing of my Grandma's house, and so that when Mommy gets home at noon, they can go right down to Indiana.) Ah, the taste of freedom is on my lips. Not long now.

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