Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

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  • Music: very tired....

Went out to dinner with immediate family (12 people is "immediate family"...some people would probably find that's the norm). We went to Jimmy's Charhouse. Not what I wanted, but it was only my birthday dinner, I shouldn't get a choice *sarcasm* No, it was fine, I just would have prefered somewhere else. After, I went over to Allie's for a couple hours. I just got home and am completely dead-tired.

I'm going to sleep soon, I swear. I should be at school by 9 tomorrow for Saturday crew. Afterward, we are going to Olive Garden and a movie at Showplace. Yay! First, though, I must get through 5 hours of work. Blah. Not in a work mood. Probably because I'm so very tired.

I...can't even thinks straight. Night night.

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