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I guess I'm intellegent....or something....

IQ - Your score = 142 points

What does your score mean?

In general:
Scores of 130 and above mean that according to this test, you are absolutely brilliant.

You scored very high on this test. This indicates that your intellectual potential is significantly above average. If this outstanding ability is not reflected in your real life, you may want to consider examining other possible reasons as to why you might not be reaching your full potential (such as motivation, lack of stimulation, lack of ambitions, low self esteem etc.).


Gee....I guess there's a reason I was put in advanced classes. I'm actually pretty impressed with that. I probably could have gotten higher, but I left the last question at "I don't know" cus I got bored. I'm sure that says something for me.

Take this IQ Test Here.

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