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First, I really liked ER tonight.

Second, Potbelly has the best sandwiches for under $3.60 in the world.

Third, I must be the only on on Audiogalaxy who has songs from Pink's new album, because I've been transferring those more than any other.

Fourth (and related to third), in the week or so that my computer has been on non-stop, I have sent 804 files (plus four more currently sending) and received 63.

Fifth, I still love free music.

Sixth, I really want to see the new Kevin Klein movies, Life is a House, or something like that.

Seventh, I really like numbering things.

Eighth, I liked Will & Grace tonight too.

Ninth, I have a whole bunch of new Heermanisms to add to my website, but until then, they will be at the end of this journal.

Tenth, I still love "You Drive Me Crazy". goin' insane...can't feel the pain...

Eleventh, "I Could Fall" is a very good Evan and Jaron song.

Twelfth, tomorrow is Friday. Whee!

Thirteenth, in one of the STUNTS skits, a group is talking about NSYNC and mentioned something about puppies. I squeed (quietly, but it was definitely a squee)

Fourteenth, I have a song called "Pearl Jam - Sunday, Bloody Sunday (cover, live)" and it's a very cool version. Slow and really awesome, but it's not Eddie Vedder's Bono. Damn. I wanted cover songs!

Fifteenth, I should really shower and get to bed, while I have the chance.

Sixteenth, I need to go to Target, or Office Max or something over the weekend. Mmmm...practical shopping....independence.

Seventeenth, this is just getting out of hand.

Eighteenth, tomorrow night is out "family birthday dinner" for me and my sister Emily. Her birthday was Wednesday (mine was Monday).

Nineteenth, today is my aunt Denise's birthday. Not only is she my aunt, but she's my godmother. I just sent her an e-mail thanking her for my halloween card, birthday card and money, and wishing her a happy birthday. Three birds with one stone. I even impress myself sometimes.

Twentieth. Yes, definitely enough. I might check back in after my shower. Don't hold your breath. Have a good night, everyone!


What did Martin Luther say to John Knox? I wouldn't be caught dead without my Calvins. [Luther was killed by a group of Calvinists.]

A man walks up to a woman and says, "Will you sleep with me for a million dollars?" She thinks it over a bit and says, "Sure". The man says, "How about a dollar fifty?". To which she responds, "What kind of woman do you think I am?". "Well we've already established that. Now we are just bargaining over price."

You do know what animal helped Washington win the [Revolutionary] war? Chicken catch-a-torie. [Tories = Americans loyal to Britain]


Pull the diamonds from the haystack.

Where's the beef?

You're looking for the pony in the manure. We are looking for 'pony people'.

Does he throw out the baby with the bathwater?


If it's not bad for you, why would you bother to eat it?

Decaf is a communist plot to swap our energy.

That thesis is a bit vanilla. We are looking for tutti-frutti.

So like, ya know, like geography, and like stuff...WHAT STUFF?

As they say, there are 3 sizes of country, wee, not so wee, and FREAKING HUGE! [always said in a British accent.]

Heerman: No more tears, no more cries, just sit down and synthesize.
Student: Hey, that rhymes.
Heerman: I should write it down so I'll remember it the next thousand times I use it.

Student: Mr. Heerman, you're a bagel racist.
Heerman: No, I just believe that plain bagels are morally wrong.

We're mad, we're bad and we wear plaid! [when discussing something British]

Up against the wall, PUNK!

Oh Alex! What's happenin' bro? Come down and hang with your hommies? [when mocking a kid for getting called to the dean's office for the third time in one week]

2, 4, 6, 8, time to transmigrate!

It�s Wed Wibbon Week, pesky Wabbit.

I asked myself permission, I gave myself permission and photocopied it all. [When discussing perks of being department chair.]

There are so many fruits and nuts in California, it�s a wonder all the squirrels don�t move there.

The French Revolution is really the American Revolution on steroids.

We stop making Buicks and start making tanks. Well, I guess a Buick is a tank.

Let�s no be independence, lets catch them and kill them all. [When talking about lemmings and Alexander Hamilton.]

What are these pesky rabbits up to?

Skeziks and I want to go see the Flaming Flem Wads in concert. We�ll try to be home by 4 or 4:30. The Flem Wads are fantastic!

(The chances are) Slim and none, and slim just left town.

Paris is a nice place to negotiate a treaty. The food is good, the night life is good.

There were 5 people on the streets that night. Schultz, Me and 3 muggers.

North Carolina things they own Tennessee and part of Arkansas. I guess they can have it.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not the 4th grade.

Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom. What have you been smoking? [Talking about Thomas Jefferson.]

You are aware that just outside Chicago there is Illinois. And that�s a lot of corn.

My favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations.

That was a sexist remark and shall be ignored.

You can either light a candle or curse the darkness.

Fun Facts

The computer aboard Apollo 13 had only 64k.

In the 1700s, the average colonist drank 60 gallons of rum per year (that's about a gallon of rum per person per week).

65% of the price of cigarettes is tax.
70% of the price of alcohol is tax.

50000 planes/year � US during WWI (or II, I forget)
8000 planes/year � combined total of allies during WWI

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