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You remind me of the show.
What show?
The show we just did.
Which one?
Stuntasia 2000.
Who did?
You did.
Did what?
Remind me of the show!

Ah, fond memories of STUNTS from last year. Rehearsal today when well. I've now seen all of the original acts. Yay.

Interesting thing I realized today. Within 5 days, I will be working on/involved with 3 different theatre performances. Monday was strike for the Fall Play. Tuesday through Thursday were STUNTS rehearsals, and Friday is the Musical clinic (auditions are next Monday and Tuesday). And Wednesday night was the Chorus concert. No wonder I feel like a chicken with it's head cut off.

Next Tuesday, I am planning on going to see Dr. Flemming (Department chair for Science) with Hillary and Caitlin. I honestly don't think I can stand physics any more. Mr. Bruss doesn't explain what he teaches and when you ask him for help, he circles around your question for 5 minutes before getting back to the beginning, and never answering it. Also, he gives us homework on things we haven't learned, and his tests never make any sense. Grrrr....

Got an 88% on the History test I took yesterday. Yay! Wish I could be getting an A this quarter, but I'll live with the B+. The calculus test today didn't quite go as well. Oh well, I'll live. I think I'm averaging a B. French test tomorrow on the passe compose and the imparfait. Yuck. I suck at this so much, it's going to be very bad.

We cooked in Outdoor Adventure today. My group made pancakes and bacon on a little propane stove thing. It was fun. The pancakes were gross, but the bacon was surprisingly good. Tomorrow we are making lunch and we are planning on grilled cheese sandwiches.

Okay, that's about all that's new...except a little vent/rant that is coming

Okay, so I love Allie, with all my heart, and I have nothing against her. It's just that she was talking today about grades, and that she was going to be getting a B in AP Junior English. It would bring her GPA down from her 4.0. Yes, she's number one in our class (though there are a few people who are actually number one, anyone with a 4.0). She was only half complaining, and I didn't get mad at her. Really, I didn't. I just get mad at myself. I used to be a very good student. I got all As in everything until I hit high school, and I just couldn't get an A in Level 1 Biology. It's a hard class. Anyone would tell you that. It was really hard for me to initially accept that high school would take actual work. Freshman year, I pushed myself pretty hard with the class load. I initially had 4 level 1 classes. I dropped down to level 2 Algebra-Trig. Hell, I'm already two years ahead in math, why be in a level one class where I get a C, when I can get an easy A in level two?

That's another thing. The leveling system in the school is so fucked up. I was struggling for Bs in Biology and World History, and had I dropped into level two classes, I would have gotten very easy As. It sucks.

I hate feeling second best because I don't get all A's. Or because I don't study hard enough. Or I don't do all my homework just right. Or I put some things in life before French homework. Or because I'm very committed to activities. Or I'd rather take classes that interest me, not ones that look good on college applications. Or I'd rather take classes that will help me in the future, either practically or for my job.

Like physics. I'm in the class for the sole reason that it looks good on college applications. And I'm only in level one and not level two, because I didn't want to have an early bird everyday. When the hell in my future am I going to need to know about centripetal force?

The only classes I am getting a very solid A in are English, Chorus, Theatre, and Outdoor Adventure. Hmmm....that tells me something. Now, if I drop physics and calculus, I can have two more free periods that I can use to help with my US History and French so that I can bring those grades up to A's. And then I will have a 4.0 grade point average (not cumulative, but it will help) and I will be happier, more successful, with less homework at night, and more sleep. I am seeing no negatives in this at all. So why the hell do I torture myself at the expense of extra stress, less sleep and lower grades, like History and French that I could be doing well in?

That's not all. Allie went in to the CCRC (College and Career Resource Center). She met with Mrs. Kravitz, whom I now intensely dislike. She told Al that she shouldn't put any hope in going to a top school like Harvard or Yale, and should stick with one that isn't in the top 20. She told here that she should spend her spring break visiting as many colleges as she could, and next year instead of taking Psychology and Contemporary Living, she should take Consumer Economics, AP Stats and Multi Variable Calculus and Linear Algebra. Two very hard math classes, and an Econ class that she doesn't want to take. It pisses me off to no end, because Allie would probably have a very good chance of getting into some of the top 20 schools, and now her parents will be all over college planning, and they will probably cancel their vacation over spring break. Kravitz also asked her what she wanted to major in. She doesn't know. She's been trying to figure that out since 7th grade. Trust me, I was there. She honestly has no idea. She could be a very good lawyer, but she could also be a great doctor or anything. Whatever she plans on doing, she will succeed, but for now, she shouldn't be expected to know what she wasn't to do. Also, I when I went to talk to my counselor a couple weeks ago, she said that we would start college planning in the spring, but not to do anything really now except maybe start thinking about where to go and what to major in. is so irritating. And I'm not even there yet.

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