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It's is pain-stakingly easy to break into my house. So, for the chorus concert tonight, we were told to not bring anything, because we would be performing at Highland Park, and we didn't want anything to get lost/stolen there. Okay, no purse.

Parents come to the concert (I assume. I was driven there and got a ride home.) I get home. Parents aren't here. Damn them for going out to dinner without me. I want food! I haven't eaten!

Anyway, so I have no purse, and no one at home. This is fine. There is a rock in our back yard that has a hidden key in it. I search, in the dark, in weeded, leave-heavy dirt. No fucking rock. Okay. This is bad. My car is in the driveway. And it's open. And I could get any of my 110+ CDs, but I have fucking keys to go anywhere. I have no phone to call anyone. Damn it.

I try the side garage door. It's open. Yay, I guess. Sometimes there's a magnetic key holder thing on the door. There isn't. I turn on the lights, and there is my dad's van, and that's about it. It's unlocked, and for once, I am thankful that he leaves his phone in the car, and doesn't take it with him when he goes into places. I try to call mommy's cell. It's been broken recently, but will work for about 5 seconds, and it's better than nothing. Mommy doesn't have her phone on.

Who else to call? I call Cici. I ask if she knows of any spare keys. She tells me Zoe is asleep and she's in her pajamas, otherwise she'd come, and asks if I tried to break in the side window. I say no, and that I would try that, but the window might be deadlocked. I continue to search the garage for a random key holder. Success! There's a plastic magnetic key holder on a file cabinet! Open it up, and it's a fucking file cabinet key. I leave the garage in bitter defeat.

I decide to attempt the break in method. The screen on the window is broken, so it doesn't lock into the window frame, and you can just push it up in the track. Next challenge, the window. It's unlocked and slides just as easily. Honestly, the hardest part of the entire thing was pulling up the blinds from the outside, and keeping my cat from coming out the window. Had I tried, (and not been in a very short skirt) I could have been completely in the house in under 10 second. Probably 5. No joke. It's that easy.

It's kinda scary, in a way. But I will now be keeping spare car and house keys in my car, and continuing to keep that unlocked when in the driveway.

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