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Happy Birthday to Me...

First, I'd like to thank everyone for extending their birthday wishes out to me. Especially mercgirl57. I loved the e-cards. *hugs to all*

Second, the unfortunate news that my birthday pretty much sucked. I am currently over-exhausted, under-slept, under-nourished, and the day was just boring.

Physics. On a monday morning. At 7:30. For 84 minutes. With Mr. Bruss. It was not a good start. English was okay, not overly good, but not bad. History was boring, and three times I almost dozed off before snapping myself back to the realm of the awake. I also fell asleep in French, but only for a couple minutes. Allie woke me up.

I did however, get a bunch of "happy birthday"s and a ton of birthday hugs, so that was good.

After school, we had Strike for Fall Play, which is basically unsetting up for a show. It was long. Tedious. Hard work. Not fun for a birthday. Also, Mama said she might make dinner tonight, but she didn't. Nothing is even planned, it's an SOS (search or starve) evening at the household.

I guess it wasn't that I had a bad birthday, but just a bad day that happened to fall on November 5th. *sigh* Oh well.

I have a ton of homework to do now, so I guess I'll check in later. Ta ta!

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