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Again, an eventful night :o)

Well, this evening, my sister and I took our film out to Wolf Camera to get our 12 (yes, twelve) rolls of film developed. They'll be done tomorrow and I'm just about counting down the hours (18 and a half). Anywho...after that, I went to my friend Lewis's new and currently unfurnished house (he'll be moving in a couple weeks) and he, Candace and I played cribbage, which was strange, but I pretty damn cool at that. After, we played "Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego" the board game...It's by far the lamest I've ever seen. It asks geographical questions like: You are moving from Georgia to Baton Rouge, which two states do you pass through. If that's not easy enough, the board is a map, and it includes all capitals and major cities to each state. Wait, it gets can opt for multiple choice on each question. I think I felt my IQ lower as the game progressed.

At that point, we became able to use Elliott's house to hang at, thus enabling us to have access to better games (namely video), not to mention food and movies. [oops, I forgot to mention that before we went to Elliott's, we stopped by Baskin-Robbins for some ice cream...refreshing on a hot day like today.] We watched Wayne's World, which I hadn't seen since I was about 7 or 8, but is still the quality film I remember it being. It really is funny though. Good times, good times.

Well, that brings us up to speed on the fantastic life of me. (Yippie!!) Now, I'm rather tired and think I might doze off soon...that is provided I don't get sucked into the wonderful world of the internet ( much easy to obtain...forbidden doughnut...)

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