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I just got back from seeing Monsters, Inc. with my sister Cici and niece Zoe. It was so adorable. I think I laughed more than anyone else in the theatre. They must of thought I was insane. It was just so funny...


This afternoon, I did indeed go shopping with Mama. We went to Old Orchard mall with Ci, my aunt and my cousin. I got a ton of new birthday clothes. Don't know what I'm going to wear tomorrow. Maybe pajamas. I'm currently living on about 10 hours of sleep for the past 62 hours of awake time. And it's not like I've just been sitting around, I've been busy constantly and doing exhausting things. *sigh* It hasn't hit me yet, but I'm going to crash a little later, and getting up in the morning is going to be ugly.

I really have to read Huck Finn now. I have a really hard quiz tomorrow. And of course, it's not on plot. I'm going to have to think, which means I'm going to have to have read. Eww. I am not enjoying it at all. So boring.

Okay, I'm gone now. Night!

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