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Someone should teach me a lesson already....

Okay, so shortly after writing my entry last night, I attempt to start History homework. I fall asleep. Waking up about 10 minutes later, I say to myself, "okay, must do this". I fall asleep again, and after a half hour, I wake up, throw homework on the floor, shut off the computer and turn out the light. Sleep.

I wake up this morning late. Around 7:15. I was supposed to meet my English teacher at 7:30. Decide to blow him off, because I need to do my history homework. I didn't have Calculus, so that wasn't a problem. However, I was still on page 60 of Huck Finn, when I was supposed to have read to 105. (and now our homework for the weekend is up to 120). During english today, we have an "inner circle, outer circle discussion". Thank god I was on the outside!!! This means I didn't have to speak at all. At the end of class, he passed back quizzes the class took yesterday (thank god I wasn't there yesterday). He asked if I had a free period to come and make it up. I know full well that I have 4th free. And that I hadn't read, so I said...
Me: Technically, but I was going to use it to do homework because I have a really busy weekend coming up.
Mr. Wolf: How about Early Bird on Monday.
Me: I have a class.
Wolf: When's your free period?
Me: 4th
Wolf: I have a class then.
Me: Could I take it while you have a class?
Wolf: Yes. And you want to take it Monday, not today.
Me: Yes, that would be great.

Whoo-who! Also, I finished all 4 history assignments (I only had two left this morning) during physics and english. I swear, some one is looking out for me. This won't help me have a less busy weekend, but still....happy for now.

In other news, I have to be up at 5:45 tomorrow morning to catch the bus to Peoria for the State Cross Country meet. And I'm going out after the play tonight, which means I won't get home until midnight. Then I'm showering so I don't have to get up any earlier. Yeah 5 hours of sleep!!

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