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Crrrrap (and yes, I did just roll my "r")

Well, the show tonight was okay. Not exceptional, but solid. Definitely solid. My family (well, my dad, brother, brother's girlfriend and Ci) came to see it. We just got back from dinner at Bennigans. Slainte!

So, yes...crap. I'm tired. Like dead tired. Like eye lids closing while I write this tired. But I still have to do all my homework. Good thing is, that I won't be in French (**have story - look below**) or Calculus tomorrow because of the play, so I don't have to do that. But I still need to do my history assignments, as well as Physics (which I will most likely blow off) and read 40 pages of Huck Finn. Ha! Right, cus I read books. I'm impressed that I've gotten to page 60. I stopped Frankenstein and Tale of Two Cities after about 20 pages. I never even began MacBeth, and didn't get past chapter 2 of Lord of the Flies. And yes, if you recall correctly, I am planning on become a High School English teacher. Hmmm....

**French story: Madame was talking and saying how we didn't have homework today, but tomorrow she wouldn't be there, so there would be a worksheet on the imparfait and if we finished in class, there would be no homework.
Me: But I won't be in class. Madame, do you know how much stuff I have to do this weekend?
Mme Wolf: Well, if I don't see you at all, I can't give you homework.
I love Madame!! I will have no French homework over the weekend. Whee!!

Well, I have to start my homework. Blah. Until I retourne (whoa, random French)...

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