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Small, Quick Note...

So, I never set my watch back yesterday. It says it's 11:13 right now.

The strange thing is, I can't decided if I'm going to change it.

"Why," you say, "Gail, why in god's name would you not change your watch to the normal time?"

"Well," I respond, "Since you asked so nicely, I shall explain. My life is dictated by time. Very much so. Even the days when I don't have school, or some other engagement [wait, when is that?], I live my the clock. If I'm not wearing a watch, I feel inferior. A leap, but go with me. It's like I'm at the mercy of other people. I still have to be at the same places, at the same time, but now, I don't know when.

"It's like driving," I continue. "I always feel the need to drive when we go out places. It puts me in control, and in charge of myself, as well as others."

"Why then," you ask, still puzzled, "Would you want a watch that is wrong, when you live by the clock so?"

"Glad you asked." I smile. "See, My life is too dictated by time, and I have to try to be more free of it. However, if there is ever a time that I *need* to know the exact time, I can always do a simple subtraction in my head, and arrive at the correct conclusion. Understand?"

"Well, I understand that you are very weird, a little quarky, and definitely strange."

"Yes," I laugh again. "That is certainly true."

"I also understand that you are making up mock conversations with yourself, and as such should either go spend this time in the shower or reading Huck Finn."

"Hmmm...apparently, you work not only as a conversation companion, but as a conscious. Your suggestion has been noted, though I think I would prefer to slack for a bit longer."

"It's your grade, deary. Don't come crawling to me when you have an essay to write on whether Huck was a good friend or a racist."

"Yeah, thanks, again, your suggestion was noted. Now stuff it."

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