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Quick Question --or-- The Normalities of Life

Okay, so one thing that kinda got me upset with Steph was when she made a comment today. She said that yesterday, for the first time ever in her life, she was walking down the hall and got this overwhelming and uncontrollable urge to cry. She said she didn't feel particularly sad, or happy, or anything really, accept the feeling of needing to cry.

This irked me, because I get this feeling a lot. Like, "every couple weeks" a lot. I was talking to Allie and said I wasn't sure if I was weird and had problems, or if it was Steph that wasn't normal. She assured me it must be Steph.

General question, does anyone out there ever get these kind of feeling, or sporadic depression for no reason whatsoever. Nothing physically, mentally, or emotionally that would cause it, just an overlying sadness?

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