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I'm here....

Torrential is the coolest word ever. "Torrential rains..." Hee hee. FYI: We had a lot of rain lately. Flood warnings around some rivers. Actually, the Back Forty (a field at my school) flooded because the creek that runs through it (actually the Middle Fork of the North Branch of the Chicago River) ran over. Kinda cool.

Yeah, I had tech, so I just got home about 9:20. Had a yummy grilled chicken dinner mommy picked up from the deli at the grocery store. Started homework a little before 10, because that was the first time I wasn't running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and Allie calls. Of course, I have to talk to her for about 36 minutes (my phone has a's cool). I notice the times here aren't matching up, but I started this entry while on the phone and am finishing now. A leap, but go with me. [<- quote from Heidi]

Tech ran a little over. It was my first time Stage Managing. I was having major issues (I don't recall if I mentioned), but with Steph, the other Stage Manager and a friend of mine, and slightly with Eric (think I mentioned that). Anyway, basically, Steph was pissing me off, and basically tried to make me feel guilty about going to Aerosmith when she had to be at school until 9. Then mentioned that my prompt book really wasn't set up well. I refrained from exploding at her, but later spoke to Allie about it. I have never been Stage Manager. I don't know what the hell I'm doing. At all, basically. And, I had fun at Aerosmith and she will not make me feel guilty about it. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Yeah, I think we were both just in not good moods, and it didn't mesh well. But today, I still didn't know the first thing about calling a show. I didn't know how. It's not that I wanted someone to carry me through it, but a little guidance and help would have been nice. I didn't get it, but think that I did a good job accordingly. I got the hang of it rather quickly. I do, I'm good at that. But the zero initial help was not appreciated. And I tried not to ask too many inane questions, so to mask that, I just asked them forcefully and knowingly. You know? Not just like a "how do I do this?" but acting informed and looking for confirmation, with a strong tone, "All I have to do is this, right?" Oh well, I'm sure it will get better.

Totally wasn't expecting a long entry, or a boring one like this. Oh well.

I love cover songs.

So yeah, that was my day. It was pretty good, considering. I haven't started homework, and it's 10:40, so I really gotta get going on it.

I missed West Wing, which sucks like a mother, but I'll recover. Because I have the house to myself again this weekend. Yippy! I was actually talking with Allie about how I get more accomplished when I'm alone and she said I should move out. She and I should get an apartment. That would be cool, but only if Mommy still paid for groceries, clothes, car, gas, and maybe a little allowance on the side. We are so North Shore. Hahaha!

OH! One more thing... I'm making my birthday and Christmas list (11 days until my birthday), and it's basically just a bunch of CDs. I wanted some suggestions. I'm sort of trying for the "essentials". Pearl Jam "Ten", U2 "Joshua Tree", Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon", Nirvana "Nevermind". Also, some newer stuff, like the new Incubus and Bree Sharp. Any suggestions that would be necessary for any collection? Genres preferred would be Alternative, Rock (Classic or Current), some Pop, the CDs that everyone should have. [I definitely think everyone should own Sister Hazel "Fortress" because it's so good. Probably Aerosmith "Nine Lives" too]

Thanks guys!

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